18.00 - 23.00 | Förköp: 375 SEK

MONATIK – singer and songwriter. Winner in the nominations ”Best Performer”, ”Best Clip” and ”Hit of the Year” at the prestigious music awards of Ukraine, the CIS countries and the Baltic States. The concert program ”Vitamin D”, which was presented in the Kiev Sports Palace, was recognized as the ”Best Concert Show” by the version of the professional music award YUNA, as well as the television award ”Teletriumf”. MONATIK has repeatedly been named by critics in the profile media as “the creator of a new era in high-quality popular music”, as well as a “trendsetter of dance music”. What is not surprising, because the hits of MONATIK ”That is what makes it crazy”, ”Vitamin D”, ”Kruzhits”, ”Wet”, ”Eternity” do not leave the leading positions in the charts in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS countries. And the album “Sounds” is named “The Best Album” by the version of the musical professional award YUNA.

During the international contest ”Eurovision 2017”, MONATIK was honored to become a guest artist opening the contest. The hit ”Spinning” from the very first day became a trend on YouTube, and the performance of MONATIK was one of the most discussed events of the international competition among fans and European media.

MONATIK corporate music and dance therapy was heard in America, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Emirates, Spain and France, where fans have long been waiting for the artist. The MONATIK tour in the USA and Canada has become a real event for the artist’s fans. For its concert program, MONATIK visited 7 cities, in each of which SOLD OUT was announced long before the start of the concert.