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Boombox is a Ukrainian funk, hip hop and rock band. It was formed in 2004 in Kiev by the vocalist of the “Graphit” group Andrei Khlyvnyuk and the guitar player of the Tartak band Andrei Samoilo. Mostly the songs of the group are performed in Ukrainian, but there are also Russian and English songs. The group was organized in mid-2004 in Kiev.

In April 2005, in a short time, the first album, Melomania, was recorded in the  «SubmarinStudio».

In 2006, «Moon Records» released the second Boombox album, «Family Business», which received gold status in Ukraine (about 100,000 copies of the disc have been sold so far) Soon there was a video for the songs “Who we were” and “Flowers in the Hair”, shot by Victor Priduvalov. The Russian film company«AST» invited musicians to work on the soundtrack for the Peter Tochilin film «Hottabich». The film featured five musical fragments by the authorship of “Boombox” – four from the album “Melomania” and one from “Family Business”.

In the summer of 2007, the composition “Vakhteram” was aired on the radio stations of Russia. On September 19, «Moon Records» released the Bumbox mini-album «Trimai». The song “Tchto” got into the rotation of Moscow radio stations. The video was shot for this song, directed by Vladimir Yakimenko and«Pistolet Films».

In time, Russian record companies became interested in “Bumbox”, and a contract was signed with «Monolith» for publishing albums «Melomania» and«Family Business» in Russia, which was released on June 10, 2008. The Russian edition of the discs is different in design and a full set of clips for each disc .

At the end of December 2009, the band released a joint album with Kiev DJ Tonique. The record in Ukraine was released under the name “Blendy, mix and other musical parodies”. The Russian edition of the album was released by «Monolith», on the same day as the Ukrainian, called “Blends, Mixes and Other Musical Parodies”. The album includes 11 remixes of the old hits of the group. As a bonus, the disc contains the composition “Somewhere” in English.

On June 24, 2010 in Kiev “Crystal Hall” a presentation of the new album “All Inclusive” took place, which was attended by 2 new songs and 2 cover versions, as well as the old songs of the group.

On November 10, 2011, the fourth numbered album of the group – “Middle Age”  was released. In the future, the album ”Middle Age” was released on a vinyl record.

In the fall of 2013, the group presented a new album called “Terminal B”, inspired by the frequent flights of the band, as well as the recording of songs directly in the terminal of the Ukrainian airport. In the album “Thermal B”, traditionally for “Boombox”, songs on various themes with one mood. There are tracks that can be attributed to both the early work of the group and the ”electric period”. Later the album was released on vinyl.