Bongzilla – Dopethrone – Sons Of Otis

20:00-00:30 | Förköp 250 kr | 18 år


The American stoner band Bongzilla has profiled itself with its heavy sound moods of psychedelic sludge embedded in an all-around thematic focus on aromatic medicinal plants of lawless cuts. The band was formed in 1995 and played over dozens of songs spread over various singles and split EPs in the next three years. In 1998, they were contracted by legendary record company Relapse Records, with which they remain today. In its everlasting pursuit of the great riots, Bongzilla reverts primarily on a musical foundation, which in mind for a powerful valium-medicated Black Sabbath with punky underground attitudes, but at the same time explores everything from island rock and bitter blues to more traditional stoner sludge.

Bongzilla released four full-length albums between 1999 and 2005 and was laid on ice for a while. However, they reunited in 2015 and have subsequently played sporadically in North America as well as in Europe. Since the band celebrated its appearance at the Dutch festival Roadburn last year, the European live interest for them has never been greater. In the summer of 2018, the Stockholm Republic is again given an invitation to step into the green fog, which is Bongzilla live.


The Canadian end-metal band Dopethrone was founded in one of Montreal’s slum areas in the year 2008, in the midst of ongoing drug consumption. The gentlemen who would be the notorious trion brought a lively discussion about the outrageous fact that there was not enough respectable ”heavy southern soundin ’stoner shit” in Montreal. Someone – at the moment somewhat unclear who – suggested that they fix the matter themselves. With a band name borrowed from an Electric Wizard disc, Dopethrone has just released its fourth full-length album just now and is heading for another European tour – in addition, with one of its biggest sources of inspiration.

Dopethrone channels both the black metal’s difficult state and the New Orleans sludge’s misery in its efforts to break new ground, all under constant pursuit of the weight that characterizes all doom-related metal. The ridge is fat, dull, suffocating and destructive. The lyric, which mainly focuses on murder and grass, is performed with a plagued, primal and occasional animal voice. The atmosphere is heavy, tough and paranoid. Welcome to Dopethrone.

Sons of Otis

The evening begins with psychedelic doom blues from Canada – the ancestral band formed in Toronto by Ken Baluke in 1992, when heavily influenced by then underground music such as Melvins, Fudge Tunnel and Shallow ND 1994 EP made great impetus in the roaring stoner scene, which caused disc contract for the 1996 debut album Spacejumbofudge. After that, the band has released another five plates, toured with bands like the Electric Wizard, and has already won an impressive amount of record companies – a couple of them collaborating ended in peace.

The band’s career has also been run by constant line-up problems. Around the turn of the millennium, they had had so much trouble with drummers that they for a while gave up acoustic percussion all the way to relying on a drum machine instead. Sons of Otis has also been on ice on a regular basis, as well as revealing his kindness from live activities on a number of occasions. Now, however, they are stronger than ever before and have hopefully put their concerns behind them. After more than twenty-five years of faithful service, Sons of Otis has, as a result of its adversities, remained a well-preserved secret for connoisseurs within the genre, but we hope that through this Europe-end they will finally get the recognition they deserve.